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What is whatsheearns.co.uk?

whatsheearns.co.uk is the new pay website specifically for women from the people that brought you WageIndicator.co.uk   We've all heard about the "gender pay gap", the gulf between men and women's pay which persists in spite of 40 years of equal pay legislation, but what can you actually do about it? Well, for a start, take the salary survey yourself and see what it has to say about you. You could even win a prize!

A Level Playing Field?

Find out how Englands women footballers salaries compare with their male counterparts.

What They Earn?

Check out how much high profile women such as  Angelina Jolie or Oprah earn, and find out how they fare against their male counterparts. See women celebrities salary!

Are You Losing Out?

See how your gender, location and your work experience affects your pay packet by taking our quick salary check.

Suffering in silence?

A survey shows that women are more likely to be unhappy with their pay than men, but are also less likely to do anything about it. Find out more here

Worldwide Average Gender Pay Gap: 16 Percent

Worldwide the average gender pay gap is 16 percent. No matter how hard they study and even when they are better educated, women do not really catch up with the pay levels of their male colleagues. Amongst trade union members in general the gender pay gap is somewhat smaller. For more results consult the ITUC Gender Pay Gap Report.