Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployed people can get two types of Jobseeker’s Allowance, if they meet following conditions:

i.must be 18 years or over but below the state pension age;

ii.not in full time education;

iii.be available for work and actively seeking work


Only National Insurance Contributions paid by employees can qualify for these benefits. Contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance is paid for up to 182 days, if a person is unemployed, capable of and available for work, and is actively seeking work. The maximum weekly rate is £56.80 (age 16-24) and £71.70 (age 25 or over). Contribution based Job Seekers’ Allowance is paid only if the worker has paid enough class 01 national insurance contributions in the last 2 tax years. A person is eligible for income based job seekers’ allowance if he/she has not enough national insurance contributions as an employee and is on a low income. The income based allowance is £56.80 (for Singles under 25), £71.70 (for singles over 25), £112.55 (couples aged 18 or over), £71.70 (lone parent 18 or over) and £56.80 (lone parent under 18). Payment is made every two weeks.