Work Injury Benefits

Disability / Work Injury Benefit

Industrial injury benefits are payable if a person has become disabled because of an accident at work or if the employee contracts a prescribed industrial disease. Entitlement to benefits does not depend on the amount of national insurance contributions paid. These benefits are not payable to self-employed persons. Disablement benefit is payable if a worker is still disabled 15 weeks after the date of the accident at work or 15 weeks after the onset of the disease. The amount of benefit depends on the extent of the disablement, assessed as a percentage. The benefit is payable in addition to any sickness or invalidity benefit. Individual circumstances, including age and the severity of disability, will affect the level of benefit received. This will be assessed by a doctor on a scale of one to 100%. For certain lung diseases, payment is made at the 100% rate from the start of the claim.


Disablement benefit is normally payable if disablement is assessed at 14% or more for all accidents and most prescribed diseases. For the respiratory diseases pneumoconiosis and byssinosis, benefits may be paid in respect of disablement of at least 1%.

If the employee cannot claim statutory sick pay, the insured person may be able to claim a short term incapacity benefit directly from the state. The basic short term benefit is payable for one year. After that, a long term incapacity benefit is paid. Survivors’ benefit includes widow’s parent allowance (entitlement remains until a child reaches 16 or 19 years), bereavement allowance (for 52 weeks for surviving spouse aged 45 and over), bereavement payment (of GBP2, 000) and Guardian’s allowance (weekly amount for each child per week).