Nurses and Teachers face the largest Gender Pay Inequality

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The average gender pay gap in the UK is 15.7 percent. In the public sector it is remarkably smaller, 10.8 percent, whereas in the private sector it is a bit higher than the national average: 16.2 percent. Part time work does make a bigger difference still. Whereas full time working women face a pay inequality of 14.8 percent, somewhat below the national average, those in smaller jobs report a pay gap of 8 percent.

Large pay inequality is faced by women in the traditionally feminine sectors health care, social work and education, around 22 percent. But in hotels and restaurants as well as public utilities they are much better off, with 9.6 and 8.6 percent respectively. And in the transport sector the pay inequality between men and women shrinks to a mere 3.9 percent.

Trade union membership can have a significant effect on the gender pay gap: members report a pay gap of 8.7 percent against non members 17.1 percent

Based on the ITUC Gender Pay Gap Report, which includes the analysis of some 400,000 data from WageIndicator operations in 12 countries. WageIndicator is the international partner of paywizard. ITUC is the international trade union confederation.

The ITUC Gender Pay Gap Report includes almost 33,000 data from the UK, gathered in 2006 and the first half of 2007. The report has been produced by Income Data Services, London, WageIndicator partner in the UK.