London Labour Market

Care staff

Care Staff Working in a residential care home? Find out the typical pay range and what on average you should be earning.

Heating & Ventilation

Heating & Ventilation

We have all heard stories about high wages for plumbers but what are the facts behind the headlines?

London Hotels

There can be a big difference between basic pay and earnings for London's hotel workers. Check out basic pay  and earnings here.

On the Buses

On the Buses

Working on the buses, are you getting the advertised £500 a week? Find out what the typical bus driver's rostered earnings really are.

Pubs and Restaurants

Pubs & Restaurants Working behind a bar, waiting on tables, employed as a chef or even as a manager. Are you getting the average earnings for you job?.

Shop staff

Shop Staff From sales assistants to shop managers click here to find out what can you expect to earn