Pay Rates of London's Coffee Shops and Fast Foods

Know the Pay Rates of Coffee Shops and Fast Foods in London. Get information about salary, Pay and wages of Fast Food and Coffee Shops Employees or workers in London.

Most companies in this sector offer pay rates close to the National Minimum Wage, which for employees aged 22 and above is currently £ 7.05 an hour. In London, companies generally pay above this level.

AgeMinimum Wage per Hour
Adult rate for those above 21 years of age, National Living Wage (25+)
Adult Rate (21-24)
Development rate for those between the age of 18-20 years, YDR (18-20)
Youth Rate for those between the age of 16-17 years, 16-17 Year Old Rate
Apprentices Rate for those under the age of 19 or in the first year of training., Apprentice Rate


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