Press release - Reduce your gender pay gap with the help of 39 Questions and Answers

If more working women were informed about how to avoid the gender pay gap, the persistent wage differences between men and women could be reduced step by step. WageIndicator and present a comprehensive overview of aspects connected with the working life of women who earn 19,7 % less than men in the UK.

Some tips for women who want to earn more than men:

· Choose education with an eye to future employment and get your diploma
· Choose a sector that pays better
· Learn skills that can be applied widely and upgrade them while working
· Choose, if starting a family, a partner who supports and shares family chores
· Don’t opt out once there are kids, but continue working
· Prepare career steps well, including salary demands
· Pay attention to pension rights.

Finally, working women should be alert to spot wage differences that are unmerited, and that may point to discrimination which is forbidden by law.

Bring me to the 39 Questions and Answers.