A shortage of EU workers is pushing up UK pay. You can Salary Check your wages

08/11: British employers are having to raise their pay offers to hire new staff and counter a growing shortage of European workers  workers ahead of Brexit, said a group representing recruitment firms. WageIndicator UK has a Salary Check so prospective employees can see if they can get more than they used to – for the same job.

The survey showed the availability of permanent and temporary workers continued to fall sharply last month. Salary comparison shows that average weekly earnings are rising by just over 2 per cent a year, below the rate of inflation which has hit 3 per cent.

What is Salary Check?

The WageIndicator UK Salary Check is designed to help employees – and prospective employees – find out if they are earning the correct salary for the correct job. The salary checker tool can also show if you are earning the same, or more, or less, then others who are doing the same job.

The Salary Check is also able to calculate what you should earn based on your age, education, previous experience, training and skills. It also depends what sector you are working in, and whether you have managerial experience, for example.

For example, if you tell the salary calculator that you are 25 years old, have a degree in engineering, and have one year work experience, it will be able to tell you what your salary should be, based on the average salaries of those who are in the same position as yourself.

The data is based on real life information supplied by thousands of employees and workers in the UK, and around the world.

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