Work in retail

The average starting rate of pay for sales staff working in London is £6.13 an hour. In some companies employees receive a pay increase of about 5 to 10 per cent after completing their induction training, which typically takes about three to six months.

Junior rates

Where junior rates are paid, these generally apply to employees aged under 18. The average rate for these employees is £5.28 an hour. Some companies pay separate rates for 16 and 17-year-olds and others have a single junior rate for under 18s.


Above the grade of sales assistant or customer service assistant, most larger shops employ a supervisor to team leader. The average pay rate for these employees is £6.67 an hour.


Average hourly rates
Sales staff


Bonuses and earnings

On top of basic pay rates, it is common for sales staff to receive some form of bonus. This may be monthly, quarterly or annual, and may be linked to sales, customer service, company profits or a combination of factors. These additions to basic pay raise the overall earnings of shop staff. Cashiers and check-out staff in London earn an average of £5.66 an hour. Sales assistants, who generally have more involvement in the sale of goods, earn an average of £7.51 an hour.  Shop managers earn an average of £10.46 an hour, but this varies widely by the size and turnover of the store.


Average hourly eanings
Shelf fillers
Cashiers and checkout staff
Sales assistants   7.51
Shop managers


Although most companies are introducing a single grade of employee in their shops, below supervisor level, some still staff to carry outs jobs such as shelf filling. The average earnings for this group of staff in London is £5.63 an hour.

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