1. Recognition

a) This agreement is a sole recognition and procedural agreement between Ikea (UK) Limited ('the company’) and the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw) which excludes collective bargaining on salary and benefits arrangements.

b) Both parties have the shared objective of ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of retailing and that the highest standards of employee relations are maintained.

c) The company believes it is in the best interests of employees to be aware that they may become a member of the Union and agrees to provide a Union application form to all new employees on appointment.

d) The company will deduct Union subscriptions from salaries for co-workers who wish to pay their subscriptions this way, subject to completion of the appropriate form, and will encourage use of this facility. Individuals may withdraw their authorisation at any time by completing the appropriate form available from Human Resources.

2. Partnership Principles

Ikea and Usdaw recognise that:

a) The key to the company's continued success is its people.

b) Having a tolerant, diverse workforce is critical to effective working relationships.

c) Involving employees will result in better decision-making.

d) Training and development are integral to the strategic objectives of the company.

e) Through Partnership we aim to improve the quality and efficiency of the working environment.

f) Each partner has legitimate and separate functions. The company has the responsibility to manage its operations and the Union has the right to represent the views and interests of its members.

g) Security of employment and opportunities for advancement are essential.

h) Change will be necessary to ensure continued success of the business and effective communication will help ensure that change is managed in a responsible and constructive manner.

i) Good relations between the Union and the company are essential to business success and that this will be achieved through mutual respect, openness and trust.

Both Ikea and Usdaw understand that partnership for the future means an effective mechanism for communicating and sharing ideas and on which all staff are fully represented. In Ikea it is recognised that this is the local Business Unit Committees.

1. Union Representatives

a) Employees of the company who are members of Usdaw may be elected as workplace representatives to represent Union members in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

b) The company and the Union will agree the number of representatives required at each store.

c) Management will provide facilities where requested to enable Usdaw Representatives to be elected by the members. The Union will provide the company with details of representatives at the earliest opportunity after their election.

d) Elected Usdaw Representatives will take part in the local Business Unit Committees, to which the relevant Usdaw Area Organiser may be invited to attend. At this meeting they may be shown information of a confidential nature, they are subject to a confidentiality clause, as are all members of the committee, and may not disclose this to third parties without the express permission of the store/unit manager.

e) The company and the Union recognise that it is in the best interests of their partnership for Union Representatives to receive relevant training to achieve the skills required to carry out their responsibilities effectively. The company agrees to provide Union Representatives with reasonable time off work without loss of earnings to attend approved Usdaw training. The Union will give the company reasonable notice of all requests for training leave, this being at least four weeks and will not be sought at peak trading times.

f) The Union may also appoint one Health and Safety Representative within each store. The procedure for appointment and time off for duties is detailed in Appendix 4.

g) The company reserves the right to raise an objection with the appropriate Area Organiser if the behaviour or conduct of an elected representative is felt to be not complying with the spirit and intent of this agreement and the Area Organiser is committed to arranging a meeting to discuss company concerns within five working days. This period may be extended by mutual agreement between the Store Manager and the Area Organisers.

2. Union Facilities

a) Union Representatives will be permitted to take reasonable time off from their designated store without loss of earnings to carry out their duties and responsibilities under this agreement. Representatives seeking such time off will inform management as far as possible in advance of the reasons and likely length of absence, this being at least four weeks and will not be sought at peak trading times.

b) Should the company request that such time off be postponed for operational reasons the partners will endeavour to agree a suitable alternative. Neither party will act unreasonably on the question of postponement.

c) The company will give Union Representatives the facilities necessary for them to carry out their role effectively and communicate with both members and other employees. Facilities will include:

• A list of new starters/leavers and facilities for meeting them at induction.

• Noticeboards (the HR Manager at each store will be informed of the content of the material before it is to be displayed and may withhold any material deemed inappropriate).

• Facilities for distributing Union communications and publications.

• Use of internal and external telephones for Union business.

• A room for meetings of Union members. The dates and times of such meeting will be agreed between the parties, this being at least four weeks and will not be sought at peak trading times.

3. Recruitment Facilities

a) The company agrees that the Union will be granted facilities in order to recruit employees into membership of the Union.

b) These facilities will include:

i) Allowing access to all available members of staff in categories for whom the Union is recognised and at reasonable times.

ii) Granting reasonable space to allow the Union to display any materials associated with the recruitment of employees.

iii) Providing a location which maximises the Union's opportunity to address members of staff (normally the staff room).

c) Union Representatives will be entitled to organise recruitment campaigns at each store and this may involve recruitment visits by Usdaw Area Organisers. The HR Manager for the store, or the HR Manager for the area, should be informed of any proposed activity. Four weeks' notice will be given by Usdaw regarding any such recruitment activity.

d) The agreement with Usdaw will be included as part of the store induction programme for new joiners. As part of this, the company will notify the relevant Usdaw Area Organiser of forthcoming inductions and invite them to attend to explain the benefits of union membership and to undertake recruitment activity.

e) Recruitment of new members should, wherever possible, be carried out by an elected Union Representative (Shop Steward). Recruitment may also be undertaken by Area Organisers. The Union for its part agrees that all recruitment undertaken during working hours will only take place by prior arrangement between the parties, eg the elected Representative/Area Organiser and Store Manager.

f) The company agrees that from time to time, the Union may decide to use 'Stand Down Reps' to assist with recruitment into membership of the Union. In such circumstances, an elected representative would be seconded to the Union for a defined period of time to focus on Union recruitment and project work. The parties agree that the individual will continue to be paid by the company and the Union will reimburse the company for all costs (including National Insurance and Pensions contributions) associated with the secondment. The parties will agree on the period of notice to be given prior to the individual commencing the secondment and also the duration of the secondment. Four weeks' notice will be given regarding any request for the commencement of stand down recruitment leave.

4. Consultation

a) Both the company and the Union recognise that regular communication between the company and its employees is vital. The company and the Union are committed to effective, ongoing communication and dialogue and to fully involving employees in the decision making process.

b) In the event of a situation arising whereby any change would be deemed significant, the UK HR Manager and the Usdaw National Officer will discuss and agree the process that is to be adopted to ensure effective ongoing communication and dialogue.

5. Policies and Procedures

An important part of the role of all Union representatives will be to provide support to team members at discipline, capability and grievance hearings. The company and the Union therefore agree that it is important for Union representatives to be provided with adequate training on preparation, representational skills, employment law and company policies and procedures. Both parties will work together to ensure that representatives training needs are fully met.

All employees have the right to be represented by their Union representative or a work colleague of their choice at all stages of the company's grievance disciplinary and capability procedures. Full details of these are detailed in Appendix 1,2,3 and 4.

In the event that an Area Organiser is the representative they will make themselves available (or a nominated Union official) within five working days as per the company procedure. This period may be extended by mutual agreement between the Store Manager and the Area Organiser.

6. Equal Opportunity

Both the company and the Union are committed to the development of positive policies to promote equal opportunities in employment, regardless of employees sex, marital status, race, ethnic origin, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age or disability. 

7. Bullying and Harassment

The company and the Union recognise that all employees have the right to a working environment free from bullying and harassment and as such there is a specific procedure for dealing with complaints.

8. Health and Safety

Both the company and the Union recognise the necessity of having an effective and comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and will follow the procedures laid down in the Health and Safety at Work Act.

9. Termination

This Agreement which will be reviewed on an annual basis, shall become effective from the date of signature and will continue until further notice. If either partner wishes to terminate the Agreement, they must give three months' notice in writing, to the Head Office of the company or Union as appropriate.

This agreement supersedes all previous Agreements.

- Signed on behalf of Ikea (UK) Limited


UK HR Manager

- Signed on behalf of the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers


National Officer

Dated: 1 January 2008

Recognition and Procedural Agreement Ikea (UK) Limited and The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) - 2008

Start date: → 2008-01-01
End date: → Not specified
Ratified by: → Other
Ratified on: → 2008-01-01
Name industry: → Retail trade
Name industry: → Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles in specialised stores
Public/private sector: → In the private sector
Concluded by:
Name company: →  Ikea (UK) Limited
Names trade unions: →  USDAW - Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers


Training programmes: → Yes
Apprenticeships: → No
Employer contributes to training fund for employees: → No


Equal pay for work of equal value: → No
Discrimination at work clauses: → No
Equal opportunities for promotion for women: → Yes
Equal opportunities for training and retraining for women: → No
Gender equality trade union officer at the workplace: → No
Clauses on sexual harassment at work: → Yes
Clauses on violence at work: → Yes
Special leave for workers subjected to domestic or intimate partner violence: → No
Support for women workers with disabilities: → No
Gender equality monitoring: → No