18 May 2020 - Every person in the United Kingdom who is experiencing slight symptoms is eligible to get tested for the coronavirus. People experiencing a cough, a high temperature or even an abnormal sense of smell or taste can book a test. This can be credited to the increased testing capacity of the country as the government has expanded to 200,000 tests a day. Complete the survey about work and life during the Covid-19 pandemic

Economic Facts

  • The National Health Services (NHS) is a public health service center in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1948 as one of the major social reforms following the Second World War; it provides need-based healthcare as opposed to providing it based on the ability to pay. The NHS employs over 1.7 million people across the UK and, according to Forbes magazine, is the fifth largest employer in the world. Check your Salary
  • Did you know that the British monarchy contributes nearly £1.8 billion to the UK economy annually, including a £150 million contribution to trade and including £550 million in tourism? The royal residences such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle attract up to 2.7 million visitors a year. Check the incomes of other celebrities