Salary David Miliband

  • CEO - International Rescue Committee
  • Born: 1965 UK
  • Annual: £731,433.00
  • Monthly: £60,952.75
  • Weekly: £14,066.02
  • Daily: £2,813.20
David Miliband

Earnings Overview: Oct 2019: His pay package as chief executive of International Rescue Committee has soared to $911,796 (£741,883) according to the US-based organisation’s latest tax return.
2018 June Times: Miliband was paid a basic salary last year of $708,754 (£545,000). He got £19,360 in pension contributions, £17,500 in other non-taxable benefits and £100,000 towards a “supplemental non-qualified retirement plan”. The IRC accounts, filed with the charities bureau in New York for the year ending September 2017, also list back-dated pension contributions of £64,000.
IBTimes Jan 2016: £425K as head of International Rescue
Salary Specification according to the Dailymail:
£65.000 as MP
£75.000 as Chairman of the Sunderland Football Club
£148.000 earned by giving international lectures


Update: 2019-10