Privacy and conditions

What are you doing with all this data?
The data is analysed at Amsterdam University's Instiute of Labour Studies, and the research institution Incomes Data Services here in the UK. Dr. Kea Tijdens, research professor and coordinator of the Institute of Labour Studies develops the questionnaire, interprets the data and publishes her findings in scientific magazines and periodicals. A host of researchers will use the findings of the WageIndicator dataset as a key source of data on pay issues.
The findings from all this data will be especially useful to the Mayor of London's Office and trades unions in the London area, particularly in the area of policies to tackle low pay in London.


What about my privacy?
The basic data you enter in the survey is anonymous and held securely by LondonWageIndicator. The questionnaire also gives you the option of being identified and staying in touch if you'd like to be part of our panel, which means you will be able to contribute your pay data again next year. Doing this helps our researchers to track changes and trends. As an extra option, panel members are asked to give their email address, so they can be reminded after a year to participate again.

Anyone who wants to enter the prize draw for a holiday in South Africa must join the panel and give their email address, so that we can also contact the winner.


The Wage Indicator Foundation takes care in developing and maintaining the wage indicator sites and data. This does not mean however that visitors to the wage indicator websites or those who use the dataset for research purposes can in any way derive rights from the data or hold the Foundation responsible for any conclusions or advice based on the dataset.