Usain Bolt

  • Olympic champion
  • Born: 1986 Jamaica
  • Single
  • Annual: US$0.00
  • Monthly: US$0.00
  • Weekly: US$0.00
  • Daily: US$0.00
Usain Bolt

Earnings overview: - Express Oct 2018: Bolt retired from sprinting in 2017. According to Forbes, Bolt has an estimated net worth of $31million (£23.5m). He has more than a dozen sponsors. He won nine Olympic gold medals and set multiple world records. Bolt opened his third ‘Tracks & Records’ restaurant in Jamaica this year and has a contract in place to roll out up to 15 restaurants in the UK. - Forbes June 2017: $34.3 million - Forbes July 2016: $32.5 million - Forbes June 2015: $21 million - Forbes June 2014: $23.2 million - Forbes June 2013: $24.2 million - Forbes June 2012: $20.3 million - DailyMail: May 2012: "Although his finances are a closely guarded secret, he is believed to earn £8m-£10m a year from sponsorship, most of which are five-year deals that tie him up until the 2017 World Athletics Championships in London."


Update: 2019-8