Salary Nicola Sturgeon

  • Political leader - First Minister of Scotland - United Kingdom
  • Born: 1970 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
  • Annual: £135,605.00
  • Monthly: £11,300.42
  • Weekly: £2,607.79
  • Daily: £521.56
Nicola Sturgeon

BBC Dec 2018: The first minister's salary entitlement will rise to £155,680, but all Scottish government ministers will again choose to freeze their pay at 2008-09 rates. Sturgeon said she would claim £135,605, as part of a voluntary pay freeze pegging her salary to 2008/09 levels.[18]
Dailymail April 2016: Tax return Nicola Sturgeon shows that she declared an income of £104,000, despite being eligible for a £144,687 salary.
March 2015 Guardian: The Scottish parliament voted unanimously to increase basic salaries for MSPs by 0.7%, pushing the official overall salary for Scotland’s first minister to £144,687 – outstripping the prime minister’s overall pay of £142,500 and that of Boris Johnson, the London mayor, who earns £143,911. However, Sturgeon’s officials played down the significance of the pay rise, pointing out that Scottish ministers were still enforcing a voluntary pay freeze introduced under Alex Salmond’s leadership in 2008.


Update: 2019-6