David Zaslav

  • President and CEO Discovery Communications
  • Born: 1960 Brooklyn, USA
  • Married
  • Children: 3
  • Annual: £28,347,340.00
  • Monthly: £2,362,278.33
  • Weekly: £545,141.15
  • Daily: £109,028.23
David Zaslav

Variety April 2017: Zaslav’s paycheck included $3 million salary, $15.1 million in stock awards, $11.1 million in option awards and another $7.5 million in bonus coin. Reuters May 2015: The company’s board gave CEO Zaslav a new six-year contract at the start of 2014, citing "outstanding business success". The deal gave Zaslav stock and options valued at $145 million, tied to performance goals and meant to align his interests with shareholders. Included in Zaslav’s pay was a $1.5 million contribution the company made to his retirement plan. It also included $296,930 for personal use of company aircraft. Daily Mail May 2015: As for his base salary, that was $3million, where it will stay for the length of his contract, and he can no receive a cash bonus greater than $6.6million until the last two years of his new contract, when that amount goes to $9million.


Update: 2017-4