Mario Draghi
President of the European Central Bank
Born: 1947 Italy
Children: 2
  • Annual: GBP 338,329.00
  • Monthly: GBP 28,194.00
  • Weekly: GBP 6,506.00
  • Daily: GBP 927.00
Bloomberg Nov. 2016: ECB president’s annual income is 386,000 euros ($409,400),
ECB Annual Accounts 2010: Members of the Executive Board receive a basic salary and additional allowances for residence and representation. In the case of the President, an official residence owned by the ECB is provided in lieu of a residence allowance. Subject to the Conditions of Employment for Staff of the European Central Bank, members of the Executive Board are entitled to household, child and education allowances, depending on their individual circumstances. Basic salaries are subject to a tax for the benefit of the European Union as well as to deductions in respect of contributions to the pension, medical and accident insurance schemes. Allowances are non-taxable and non-pensionable.
Text: ECB
Text: Bloomberg
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Text: Bloomberg
Update: 2018-1
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