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Fernando Torres
Footballer Atlético Madrid (Milan)
Born: 1984 Spain
Children: 1
  • Annual: GBP 12,631,858.00
  • Monthly: GBP 1,052,655.00
  • Weekly: GBP 242,920.00
  • Daily: GBP 34,608.00
Forbes May 2015: $18.3 million (salary/bonus $14.8 million + endorsements $3.5 million)
Forbes Sept. 2014: $21.3 million
Rossoneriblog August 2014: Torres had a net salary of 7M euro at Chelsea, but will be earning less, 4M euro at Milan. But he has been paid by Chelsea 1.5M euro for July and August, with bonuses he will be paid the same amount as Chelsea during 2014/15 season. On top of that his endorsements of $3M (2.3 euro).
Forbes May 2014: $20 million ($17M salary and $3M endorsements)
Francefootball March 2014: 16.2 M euro
Forbes June 2013: $20 million
Forbes April 2013: $20.2 million
FranceFootball via Marca March 2013: 16.3 million euro
Forbes June 2012: $19.6 million
Forbes May 2012: $17 million
France Football March 2012: 16.7 M euro
France Football March 2011: earnings 14 million euro.
Sportige Feb. 1, 2011: "The Torres deal will probably cost around 80 million pounds including signing fees and salaries. Torres is expected to earn around 200,000 pounds a week, nearly double his wages with Liverpool."
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Update: 2015-6
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