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Training Assertiveness:

Improving your assertiveness could provide you with lots of skills to get more personal effective. By getting more assertive you are able to communicate more easily with the people around you and better understand/ empathize. With this course overview we would like to help you find the best course which fits you best.

  • Assertiveness Training Course
    R2 Training | Open | £188 | Level: Vocational | Max. participants: 10 | Total time: 1 dayLogo R2 Training
    Assertiveness will help you deal with difficult situations and people more effectively.Learn how to stand up for yourself, communicate your needs and wants clearly and to say “no” when you need to. Being assertive will imp…
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  • Assertiveness & Building Personal Confidence
    Ptp Training and Marketing Ltd | Open | £337Logo Ptp Training and Marketing Ltd
    Training Description Assertiveness Training – This assertiveness and building personal confidence programme helps delegates understand why it is sometimes hard to refuse demands and aims to build the skills necessary for …
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  • Being Assertive
    Synergie Training | Open | £195 | Level: Vocational | Total time: 1 dayLogo Synergie Training
    Course Duration: 1 Day Cost: £195 + VAT Overview This workshop is ideally placed for those people who would like to be more assertive with their team members and colleagues. The workshop will look at barriers to being ass…
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