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UK: Contracts of employment do not have to be in writing. However, employees must be provided with a written statement of particulars. All employees, regardless of the number of hours they work per week, are entitled to receive a written statement from their employer, within two months of starting work. The statement describes the main terms of the contract of employment. The statement must give details about the names of the employer and employee, the date when the employment began, the date on which the employee’s period of continuous employment began, job of work, holiday entitlement, sick pay, pension schemes, notice grievance, dismissal and disciplinary procedure and reference to any collective agreements, which affect the terms of employment. If, after the material date, there is a change in any of the employment particulars, the employer has to give to the employee a written statement containing particulars of the change. Source: §1-4 of Employment Rights Act (ERA), 1996 last amended in 2012
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