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UK Firms Avoid Paying the Minimum Wage

Some firms have developed scams to avoid paying the national minimum wage, including under-recording hours, bogus self-employment, charging for uniforms and clocking workers off when there are no customers, according to a new report by the Trades Union Congress. Apprentices are particularly likely to be underpaid, with a recent government survey suggesting that 120,000 are paid less than the relevant minimum wage rate.The TUC wants tougher penalties for employers who repeatedly flout the law. 

Pensioners get access to pension money

In 2015 people reaching retirement age will be able to spend their pension savings however they want, rather than having to use it to buy a guaranteed income. Find the current Pension rulings.

Living Wage Rates 2015

The 2015 UK Living Wage rate has been set at £7.85 per hour, an increase of 20p per hour on the 2013 rate and £1.35 more than the national minimum wage of £6.50 per hour. The London Living Wage has been set at £9.15, an increase of 35p per hour compared to the 2013 rate and £2.65 higher than the national minimum wage. See the World Map of Living Wages and the list of Living Wage Employers.

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